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Self-propelled drone



Providing self-propelled drones with RaaS
3 months free trial

* 3 months free trial Terms of use :

Limited to use in places where people come and go (eg halls, public spaces, etc.).

Cuboid × サイネージ

Self-propelled drone



" Cuboid x Signage" is a signage robot based on Cuboid with displays on both sides and the back.

Being able to drive autonomously makes it suitable for information notification in large-scale stores and shopping malls where installing displays such as walls and pillars is challenging.
It also eliminates the need for customers to approach or focus on the robot to see it.

Due to its compact body, it can operate even on the office floor. It can be used for various purposes, such as compliance penetration and work style reform for information notification.


Monthly fee

200,000 yen


* Amounts are monthly and tax-excluded.
* Please contact us as an initial fee will be charged separately.
​ * You can return it at any time.
* If there is no operation record after installation, we may call you.
* Please contact us for the delivery date.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.



  • Width x Depth x Height: 393 x 393 x 1,050 [mm]

  • Weight: 70 kg (including battery)

  • Speed: 0.4 m / sec (maximum speed 0.8 m / sec)

  • Uptime: 3 hours

  • Front screen: 10.1 inch full HD

  • ​ Content screen: 27 inch full HD x 3 sides (both sides, back)

​ * Specifications are subject to change without notice.
「Executive Briefing Center(EBC)」に導入

"Cuboid x Signage" is installed in the "Executive Briefing Center (EBC)"

"Cuboid x Signage" has been installed at the "Executive Briefing Center (EBC)," a facility where visitors can experience SoftBank's cutting-edge technology.

ソーシャルディスタンスの 注意喚起

Social distance alerting robot


A robot (Cuboid x Signage) was installed and demonstrated to alert employees of "Social Distance" at SoftBank's Takeshiba headquarters company cafeteria.

Results of Use


We participate in national and international exhibitions. (Our own booth, company booths and NEDO booths)

Event & Workshop

Exhibiting at children's workshops and events.


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