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Chief Scientist室について

About us


We are the Chief Scientist Office, Technology Unit, Softbank Corp.

We are developing a robot that will become a standard platform like PC/AT compatible machines and Model T Ford. Our main activities are the development of the self-propelled drone "Cuboid" and participation in internal and external trials, conferences, exhibitions, and robot competitions for social implementation.

Step by step

Step by step to the future with your own feet

We have developed a ROS (Robot Operating System) -based self-propelled drone (autonomous driving robot) from scratch.

There are many different needs for robot utilization, and often, introducing an existing robot product is insufficient to achieve the desired purpose. On the other hand, developing a new robot unique to your company is also challenging. At that time, please consider using RaaS based on our self-propelled drone.

Centered on ROS, we will help you take a step toward a future where humans and robots can coexist and play an active role.

ROS system integration

ROS system integration

ROS allows you to flexibly build a system by creating and combining functions on a package-by-package basis.

The nodes in the package are coupled loosely in the pub/sub model; therefore, software features, such as object recognition software, can be easily replaced or introduced to an existing system. ROS robots can easily enjoy the latest technological achievements.

We can develop efficiently using ROS and its existing packages and focus on problem-solving. In addition, packages are highly reusable, and thus hardware-independent development is possible. Therefore, even in system development, where there is a lot of trial and error, it is possible to develop with a long-term vision.

Robotic technology by ourselves

Robotic technology by ourselves

We are conducting a demonstration experiment that integrates with existing systems such as traffic lights and elevators.

For the demonstration test, we select, install, and adjust the equipment necessary for the solution, such as environmental sensors and robot arms for hardware or outdoor driving equipment in alignment with the laws and regulations. We also developed the control and monitoring software required to control the robot ourselves.

Easy to customize
Easy to customize

Easy to customize

Our self-propelled drones (autonomous driving robots) do not dare to wear exterior plastic. That is because it is easy to customize.

It is also possible to prepare a plastic exterior at a low price according to your request and designer design.

Academic conference

Association participated

We also participate in and sponsor conferences at home and abroad.

Association participated


We participate in national and international exhibitions. (Our own booth, company booths and NEDO booths)

Event & Workshop

TV appearance / Interview

The robot from the Chief Scientist Office appeared on TV.

TV appearance / Interview
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