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Self-propelled drone



​Providing self-propelled drones with RaaS 3 months free trial

Providing self-propelled drones with RaaS
3 months free trial

* 3 months free trial Terms of use :

Limited to use in places where people come and go (eg halls, public spaces, etc.).


Self-propelled drone



"Cuboid x Arm" is a newly developed robot designed for the World Robot Challenge (Future Convenience Store Challenge) based on Cuboid.

The SCARA type manipulator has 8 degrees of freedom (linear motion x 1, rotation x 7), and the end effector of the suction mechanism can grab objects up to 500 g.


RaaS will be provided

​ Price negotiation


* Please contact us as an initial fee will be charged separately.
​ * You can return it at any time.
* If there is no operation record after installation, we may call you.
* Please contact us for the delivery date.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

ROS package in use

AR marker recognition


  • Use ar_track_alvar ROS package

  • Add a marker to the product you want to pick

  • Recognize marker type and posture with hand camera

State machine


  • Use smach ROS package

  • Easy management and design of robot behavior

  • Go to product-> Recognize product-> Set the flow of picking the product

  • Compatible with various environments

Autonomous driving


  • use the move_base ROS package

  • Obstacles can be turned while driving

  • Autonomous driving by planning a route to the specified coordinates

Robot arm trajectory plan


  • Use Moveit ROS package

  • Track planning is possible while avoiding obstacles

  • Plan the action of picking products with the arm


Robocup @ Home 2022


In the RoboCup @Home, a mobile robot must be able to not only navigate autonomously but also detect, pick up, and place objects in the environment.
Thus we equipped "
Cuboid" with a robot arm and hand camera to tackle the challenges above and to discover the potential for wider application.


World Robot Summit 2020


In 2020, we participated in the World Robot Challenge (WRC) , an event sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) as part of the World Robot Summit (WRS). Our team achieved third place in the "Future Convenience Store Challenge," which focused on the coexistence of humans and robots in a convenience store environment by stocking and disposing of products.


Results of Use

Academic conference

We also participate in and sponsor conferences at home and abroad.

Event & Workshop

Exhibiting at children's workshops and events.




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​*Japanese only

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