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"Cuboid x Signage" is installed in the "Executive Briefing Center (EBC)"

Updated: Jan 25

"Cuboid x Signage" is installed in the "Executive Briefing Center (EBC)"

"Cuboid x Signage" has been installed at the "Executive Briefing Center (EBC)," a facility where visitors can experience SoftBank's cutting-edge technology.

About EBC

SoftBank's Executive Briefing Center (EBC) is where "discussions for customers' business growth" are held through the introduction of the latest use cases related to 5G, AI, and IoT implemented in society. We have prepared facilities and mechanisms to help customers "envision a concrete path to the future."

*This is a facility for corporate clients.

"Cuboid x Signage" running inside the EBC

If you wish to visit the facility, please contact a SoftBank sales representative.

We look forward to welcoming you.


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