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Outdoor last mile linked with traffic lights (NEDO demonstration)

Outdoor last mile linked with traffic lights
(NEDO demonstration)


As a project implementer of the "Technology Development Project for Realizing New Delivery Services Utilizing Automated Traveling Robots" by NEDO, for the first time in Japan, we succeeded in having an automated navigating robot cooperate with traffic lights for an outdoor delivery demonstration experiment.

In this demonstration experiment, we developed an outdoor self-propelled drone (automated navigating robot) and a traffic light cooperation system. The robot can cross an interaction by receiving the signal information from the traffic light, allowing the robot to drive safely on public roads while delivering luggage.

In addition, the demonstration experiment also includes; measuring the luggage temperature change and impact due to the curb during delivery, verifying the effectiveness of robot delivery, and demonstrating the confirmation and the notification function of the robot's current position and destination arrival, respectively, with a smartphone application.

Configuration of self-propelled drone and traffic light cooperation system


* The traffic light cooperation system is constructed with the permission and cooperation of the National Police Agency, the Metropolitan Police Department, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, etc., with the technology provided by Nippon Signal Co., Ltd.

Outdoor self-propelled drone information

  • Size : 573 × 700 × 957 [mm]

  • Weight : about 52 [kg]

  • Payload : 10 [kg]

  • Output : 600 [W]

  • Fuel : Electric

  • Manufacturing/development company : SoftBank Corp.

  • Maximum speed : 3.6 [km/h]

  • Operating speed : 1.8 [km/h], maximum speed during autonomous driving : 3.6 [km/h]

Outdoor self-propelled drone sensor


NEDO course "Last mile of automatic delivery robot"

We introduced a demonstration case in the NEDO course "Last One Mile of Automatic Delivery Robo" series 02 held on May 11, 2022.


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Report on "Automated Delivery Robo's Last One Mile" Series 02  *Japanese only

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