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Participated in the "Tsukuba Challenge 2023" Experimental Run

Updated: Jan 15

Participated in the "Tsukuba Challenge 2023" Experimental Run

We will once again participate in the "Tsukuba Challenge 2023", held annually in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, with the outdoor autonomous drone developed by our Chief Scientist Office.

We will participate with the same "PANDA" model as last year. By replacing the RTAB MAP we used until last year with LIO-SAM, we have created a more accurate 3D map. In addition, we aim for stable long-distance driving by integrating 3D point cloud and GNSS information.

A test run was held on Saturday, September 23rd.

We mainly collected data for map creation and checked the driving performance. We are steadily preparing for the main run on November 19th.

Reference :

Tsukuba Challenge 2023 Homepage

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