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Remote monitoring Web system using ROS-equipped robot

Remote monitoring Web system using ROS-equipped robot


We used WebRTC to transmit video and send/receive rostopic messages (messages exchanged within the robot). This feature makes it possible to monitor the robot and perform simple operations on it remotely.

Remote monitoring system configuration


To start WebRTC from a client, first, relay the API server developed by our company and notify the robot of the start request. After that, the robot will start video encoding and streaming * 1 and signaling * 2.
* 1 GStreamer is used for encoding. Encoding is done separately from the robot with an external device. You can choose Raspberry Pi or Jetson Xavier NX according to your purpose.
* 2 The signaling server uses an external service.

Monitoring screen function


Communication via WebRTC can not only receive videos but also send and receive rostopic.
The target of the rostopic to send and receive can be changed by settings, but in our developed system, we have set up rostopics for the robot's movement and speech and implemented corresponding UI.

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