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ビル内移動環境計測・ 通知システム (戸田建設株式会社様)

In-building mobile environment measurement /

notification system

(Toda Corporation)


Toda Corporation has developed an "in-building mobile environment measurement/notification system" based on the indoor self-driving drone (automated driving robot) "Cuboid" that we have developed.


*The image is quoted from the news release of Toda Corporation and processed with permission.

​ System introduction


This system integrates information from the CO2 sensor mounted on the "Cuboid" and the CO2 sensor installed in the building (also known as fixed type CO2 sensor) to provide more realistic CO2 concentration information to the building manager.

Voice and screen notifications to people



It is also equipped with a function to notify employees and visitors in the building of environmental information based on CO2 concentration.

System features



(1) A function to mount a CO2 sensor on the "Cuboid" and move it inside the building to measure it.


(2)A function to centrally manage the information of CO2 sensors in the entire building on the cloud system.


(3) A function to notify employees and visitors in the building of information from the "Cuboid" side.

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