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Elevator patrol by "Fetch"


This video shows the autonomous mobile manipulator "Fetch" operating elevator buttons and patrolling a building. It also performs person detection using YOLO, an object detection algorithm using deep learning.

Elevator button operation demo video

【Fetch】エレベータボタン操作デモ1(CEATEC 2017 CocoroSBブース)
【Fetch】エレベータボタン操作デモ2(CEATEC 2017 CocoroSBブース)


This is a demo of "Fetch" operating elevator buttons. It recognizes the elevator buttons using YOLO and operates the robot arm through inverse kinematics calculation by MoveIt, to push the button.
To avoid damaging the button, it moves the arm up to just before the button and then slowly spreads the hand to press the button.

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