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Elevator cooperation
(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications IoT demonstration)


Autonomous robots, which perform daily tasks on behalf of humans, have a wide range of applications, such as cleaning commercial facilities and office buildings and working in dangerous areas. There are increasing opportunities to use them as practical solutions to labor shortages.

"Cuboid" is an indoor self-driving drone (automated driving robot) developed by our company. With "Cuboid," we conducted demonstration experiments such as getting on and off elevators and delivering luggage across multiple floors in actual senior housing with services and office buildings.

This page introduces a demonstration experiment at the "Hibiya Park Front" office building in Tokyo on January 8, 2020.

Demonstration Experiment


In the underground parking lot, the delivery person entrusts the luggage to "Cuboid" and selects the destination, which is the second floor, with the monitor (right) developed exclusively for it.


The command instructed on the monitor is sent to "Cuboid" via Wi-Fi communication.

The robot moves slowly so as not to hit or harm people. The speed is such that the robot can stop immediately if an obstacle is detected.

The slow speed also prevents large impact from being applied to the luggage when crossing through elevator gaps.

When "Cuboid" enters the elevator, it wirelessly communicates with the elevator control device to indicate the destination, which is the second floor.

After the robot confirms that it has arrived at the second floor via wireless communication, it will autonomously exit the elevator and move to its destination.
If it detects a person on the driving route, it will say "I'm sorry. Please let me pass."


This project was carried out as part of the "Autonomous Traveling Robot Elevator Cooperation Demonstration Project," a demonstration project for building a safe, secure, and appropriate usage environment for IoT promoted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

In addition to parcel delivery, the robot can also be used for patrols inside the building.
Since the robot detects people with a motion sensor, it can also be used to watch over elderly people and guard them.

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