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Participation in the "Tsukuba Challenge 2019" Main Race

Updated: Jan 15

Participation in the "Tsukuba Challenge 2019" Main Race

We participated in the “Tsukuba Challenge 2019” main run on Sunday, November 10, 2019

Based on Cuboid's design, we created "Rafute" with 3D LiDAR and wheels modified for outdoor use.We built an "outdoor autonomous driving system" using ROS + Autoware.

Among the features of Autoware, the "route following" and "temporary stop" functions worked. However, due to lack of adjustment, the robot stopped considerably before the temporary stop line. As the robot did not stop within the designated range, we had to retire from the main.

We are planning to participate in the “Tsukuba Challenge 2020” and we appreciate your continued support.

Reference :

Tsukuba Challenge 2019 Homepage - final

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